Suggested Draft Bill

Subdivision 1. The design of the Official State Flag of Minnesota shall be composed of (add description).

Subdivision 2. The symbolism of the flag is thus; (add symbolism narrative).

Subdivision 3. The usage of the Official State Flag merits the following considerations.

a) The state flag shall be flown on the state capitol grounds at all times between the hours of sunrise and sunset.

b) State institutions and agencies shall make every effort to display the state flag, as shall public schools.

c) Fringe may be added to the sides of the flag for ceremonial use. A finial bearing the American eagle may surmount the pike.

Subdivision 4. The Official State Flag of Minnesota designated in Subdivision 1 shall be official as of May 11, ______. For reasons of economy, facsimiles of the previous design may continue in official use until May 11, _______.

Subdivision 5. A State Banner to honor the memory of the first Official State Flag for occasions of high ceremony shall be official as of May 11, _______. Said Banner shall be a design replica in suitable size of the first Official State Flag adopted on April 4, 1893, as displayed at the Columbian Exhibition of that year and preserved by the Minnesota Historical Society.

Subdivision 6. The Secretary of State shall:

a) establish specifications to standardize the design details of the flag specified in Subdivision 1, including its color shades according to the Pantone Matching System or comparable system) and its internal and external proportions;

b) file and retain custodial control over said specifications, which the Department of Administration shall make available to the public for purposes of design reproduction and standardization;

c) encourage an appropriate understanding and display of said flag by the citizens of Minnesota.

d) display the State Banner designated in Subdivision 5 in his/her office and provide for its appropriate display at high state occasions in conjunction with the present Official State Flag.

Subdivision 7. Statute 1.141 of the Laws of Minnesota is repealed in its entirety.