The Star of the North Flag



The Star of the North Flag
The Star of the North Flag, by Erik Anderson

The colors and design of the flag are very similar to the North Star Flag, but what I’ve done is slightly alter the hues to what I believe are more stately colors than the original. I also kept the six pointed star of the MN United version as a connection to other flags, both in the region, like Chicago’s, and historical ones like George Washington’s personal flag. Both of these flags use six-pointed stars and it is both a great way to tie Minnesota’s flag to the region and the nation, without coming off too much like other states’ flags, such as Texas. In addition, the six pointed star is intended to recall the state’s motto “L’Etoile du Nord,” which means Star of the North, and evoke imagery of Polaris, the North Star.

The symbolism in the colors chosen are the same as the North Star Flag’s symbolism, as this flag is intended to be a minor redesign of the North Star Flag for consideration, and one that I believe is a good fit to replace the current “Seal on a Bedsheet” design that currently represents Minnesota.

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